Local, Healthy and Delicious

Fresh Grass – photo courtesy of Shawn Derrenbacher

Our farmer, Steve, likes to say he’s a “grass farmer” because that’s what raising healthy cows is all about – healthy pasture.

Garden Style – Our cows are 100% pasture raised, meaning they grow up on the variety of plants in the pasture. Research shows that cows raised on a healthy pasture versus grain fed have significantly less fat and calories, two to four times more Omega 3s, and greater amounts of essential vitamins, most notably about four times the amount of Vitamin E (EatWild).

Cow Health – Steve is a full-time veterinarian with experience as both a large and small animal vet. He cares tremendously about the health and well-being of the cows and takes pride in caring for each and every animal.

Processing – Our processor is Stoney Point Farm Market in Littlestown, Pennsylvania. We are excited about their quality meat cutting and their attention to detail. They are family owned and operated with over 85 years of experience! For more information, check out their website: stoneypointfarmmarket.com